IKNL and the NCR

IKNL is the quality institute for oncological and palliative research and practice. IKNL collaborates with healthcare professionals and managers and patients on the continuous improvement of oncological and palliative care. With data from the Netherlands Cancer Registry (NCR), IKNL enables health care professionals, policy makers and others to reflect on cancer care and prevention. 

The NCR compiles clinical data of all individuals newly diagnosed with cancer in the Netherlands. Cancer registration clerks register newly diagnosed cancer patients since 1989 on a national basis. Over the past 30 years, this registry has provided clinicians and researchers with a wealth of clinical data (e.g., stage and primary treatment) on cancer patients of all ages.

Cancer in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has about 17.000.000 inhabitants. Annually, there are 116.500 new diagnoses of cancer and 44.000 cancer deaths in the Netherlands.

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